The Tagnite coating provides superior corrosion resistance for magnesium sand castings, die castings, extrusions and forgings. Many applications require paint and Tagnite provides an excellent base for all paint applications. Our coating has been used on a production basis in the aerospace industry for over twenty five years. Whether it is a main transmission housing for a helicopter or a gearbox for a jet engine, most all magnesium castings in the aerospace industry are painted because paint provides excellent protection against magnesium corrosion.

Oftentimes, a painted surface can become damaged during normal operations of the aircraft. In these instances, it is important to have an excellent base for the paint to help prevent corrosion migration from the damaged area which could cause even more damage to the magnesium component. The Tagnite coating has the surface texture needed for excellent paint adhesion and the stand alone corrosion resistance necessary to help keep corrosion from aggressively migrating from damaged surfaces.

In the aerospace industry the Tagnite coating is being used for gearboxes, transmission housings, sump and oil pump housings. Typically, these types of products are painted with a resin seal such as Rockhard 576-450-002 or IP985-547 immediately following the application of Tagnite. Below are a few examples of typical magnesium components which have been resin sealed or fully painted over Tagnite..