Tagnite has been used to protect more than half a million magnesium die castings, forgings, extrusions and sand castings. It’s superior properties have been verified through extensive testing by major aerospace and defense companies, branches of the U.S. military and many commercial companies. Below are just a few of the organizations that have put the powerful protection of Tagnite on their magnesium components.

CustomerTagnite SpecificationsPlatform
Anduril7TS-003Unmanned Aerial
Argon STTAG 7TS-003Optical Components
Bell HelicopterBPS 4596525 Relentless
Boeing MesaHP4-134AH-64 Apache
Boeing MesaHP4-134AH-6 Little Bird
Boeing PhiladelphiaD210-13786-1CH-47 Chinook
Boeing WichitaTAG 7TS-003KC-135/B-52
Cloud Cap TechnologyTAGNITE-8200 Type 1Optical Components
Collins AerospaceCPS 1002F-35 Lighting II
Fluke CorporationTAGNITE CoatingElectronic
Elbit SystemsTAG 7TS-003F-35 Lighting II
Honeywell Engine SystemsFP171Optical Components
KollsmanTAG 7TS-003Optical Components
L3 CommunicationsTAG 7TS-003Optical Components
MD HelicoptersMDP4-134MD-500/600 Helicopters
Northrop GrunmanTAGNITE-8200 Type IHOptical Components
Pratt & Whitney CanadaCPW 727PW308 A/C Engines
Pratt & Whitney CanadaCPW 727PT6-114A&-42
Pratt & Whitney CTTAGNITE-8200WEF119 Engine
Rolls-RoyceAMS-2466AE210 Engine
Sikorsky AircraftSS8518H-53 Sea Stallion
Sikorsky AircraftSS8518SH-60 Seahawk
Stingray OpticsTAG 7TS-003Optical Components
TrilliumTAG 7TS-003Optical Components