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Since the early 1940's, magnesium has been coated with chromate based conversion or anodize coatings such as Dow 1, Dow 7, Dow 9, Dow 17, Dow 20 and Chrome Manganese. The rationale was that chromate based coatings would provide superior protection against corrosion. The Tagnite Coating System was developed in the 1990's with the Clean Water and Clean Air Act in mind. The Tagnite coating system does not utilize chromates and provides significantly more corrosion and abrasion resistance than any chromate based coating.

In addition, most all other magnesium coatings require a pretreatment in one of the following solutions: chrome pickle, sodium dichromate, or chromic-nitric-hydrofluoric acid. The Tagnite Coating System utilizes safer solutions to prepare the magnesium surface for the Tagnite coating resulting in a superior coating and a safer working environment.


The Tagnite Coating System
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